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MI Battery Experts LCB51 Laptop battery suitable for Epson Vividy Note Pro C, Hitachi Visionbook PLUS / PRO, Samsung SENSPRO 500

MI Battery Experts LCB51 Laptop battery suitable for Epson Vividy Note Pro C, Hitachi Visionbook PLUS / PRO, Samsung SENSPRO 500

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9 cell battery.


Information on Replacement Batteries & Chargers

Information on Replacement Batteries

All Master Instruments (MI Battery Experts) replacement batteries/chargers are produced using the most premium quality cells and components available. Directives on Quality Assurance given to manufacturing often result in battery specifications being superior to the original equipment battery. The battery cross-reference information on this site is to be used as a guide only. Master Instruments has relied on information from OEM's, distributors and end users with the utmost diligence and care possible.


Shipping restrictions


Due to IATA and individual airline regulations, this item may only be shipped by surface (road/sea) freight.

NON DG UN3480 LITHIUM ION BATTERIES - Contains cells/batteries exempted from ADG 7.7 & IMDG Code 2020 using Special Provision 188.


Product Details

Selling Unit EACH
Model No LCB51
Inventory Code 88000-150
Original Brand Hitachi, KDS, Samsung, Sony
Description Laptop battery suitable for Epson Vividy Note Pro C, Hitachi Visionbook PLUS / PRO, Samsung SENSPRO 500
Application Notebook & Laptop Computer
Chemistry Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Voltage 10.8V
Watt Hour 74.5Wh
Nominal Capacity 6.9Ah
Width 89mm
Height 19.5mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 139.8mm
Weight 442g
Cell Type Used: Panasonic Cells Used for superior performance & extended service life.

Suitable For:

AST Ascentia A41
AST Ascentia A42
AST Ascentia A43
AST Ascentia A51
AST Ascentia A60 Plus
AST Ascentia M5XXX Series
AST Ascentia M6XXX Series
Alcam Designer 400
Alcam XL-634
Arm Armnote 795
Arm Armnote 795 PLUS
Arm Armnote 797
Arm Armnote 982
Canon Note Jet III
Canon Note Jet III CX Series (P120)
Chem USA Chembook 5400
Chem USA Chembook 5580
Chem USA Chembook 6800
Clevo 873
Clevo 875
Clevo 96
Clevo 96H
Daewoo 7550
Dual Technologies 6690
Dual Technologies ERA-1000
Dual Technologies ERA-2000
Dual Technologies MVA-6670
Dual Technologies MVA-6690
Duracell EMC36
Duracell ME202BB
Duracell NL2020
Duracell SMP02
EZBook 800 Series
Epson Vividy Note 510ED
Epson Vividy Note 512ST
Epson Vividy Note 513ST
Epson Vividy Note Pro C
Epson Vividy Note Pro CX
Everex SC
Everex SE
Everex SK
Exone P120
Gotcha CopyBook 533
Gotcha CopyBook 533TX
Gotcha CopyCat FSM
Highlander HL-216
Highlander HL-218
Highlander HL-219
Highlander HL-226
Highlander HL-226T
Highlander HL-270
Hitachi Aquarius
Hitachi Athena
Hitachi Visionbook 133
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS 4000
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS 4100
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS 4140
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS 4150
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS 4300
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS 4350
Hitachi Visionbook PLUS 4360
Hitachi Visionbook PRO
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 6000
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 6390
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7000
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7330
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7340
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7360
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7370
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7560
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7570
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7580
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7590
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7630
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7650
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7755
Hitachi Visionbook PRO 7775
Hyperdata MediaGo 950L
IDP Vagueru
Intermec/Norand 6640 Series
KDS Valiant 5340
KDS Valiant 5340AS
KDS Valiant 5345
KDS Valiant 5347
KDS Valiant 5350
KDS Valiant 6000
KDS Valiant 6001
KDS Valiant 6370
KDS Valiant 6370iPT
KDS Valiant 6371
KDS Valiant 6380
KDS Valiant 6480
KDS Valiant 6480I
KDS Valiant 6480iPTD
KDS Valiant 6480iTPD
KDS Valiant 6481
KDS Valiant 6481CIPTD
KDS Valiant 671
KDS Valiant 671DP
KDS Valiant 681
Kapok 6000
Kapok 6100
Kapok 6200
Kapok 6200A
Kapok 6200M
Kapok 6400M
Kapok 6800M
Kapok 7000
Kapok 7200
Kapok 7600
Kapok 7800
Kiwi OpenNote 820
Magitronic 600
Magitronic 610
Magitronic 620
Micro International Mint6200
Micron Millennia Transport Trek 2
Mint 6012P
Motorola DDN7505
Motorola ML900
Motorola ML910
Multi Media Topline 86
NEC Ready 440T
NTK submarine
NorthStar Aries series
NoteBook Co 6400AT
Olivetti Xtrema 223S
Olivetti Xtrema 423S
Olivetti Xtrema Series
Pico 668
Prostar 1001P
Prostar 3310
Sager NP6200
Sager NP660
Sager NP6601862
Sager NP7200
Sager NP8100
Sager NP8300
Sager NP8600
Sager NP8700
Sager PC-M200
Samsung SENSPRO 500
Samsung SENSPRO 523
Sharp PCM-200
Smart Tec GreenNote
Smartbook V
Solomon 6020T
Sony A130
Sony A140
Sony A150
Sony A160
Sony A170
Sony A190
Sony A230
Sony A240
Sony A250
Sys-Tech Ranger l-Note
TJ Technology TekBook 822
Tatung TNB5500
Tatung TNB5600
Tiger Designote
Tiger GT
Trigem Dreambook 1100DB
Trigem Dreambook 110DB
Trigem Dreambook 210DB
Trigem Gemlite 1075
Trogon E12
Wedge Tech PowerBook 5CD

Compatible With:

AST 234802125
Abacus ERA1000
Canon DR202
Canon DR202S
Clevo NBP001139
Clevo NBP001169
Clevo NBP001185
Clevo ST-202
Duracell DR202
GP DR202
Hertz 6200AT
Highlander MVDR202A
Highlander MVDR202B
Highlander PS-202S
Hitachi DR202
Interstate Batteries ALAP0328
KDS NL2020
Magellan DR202
Magellan SH202
Magnus RNM130
Micron LI202S
Molicell ME202BB
Motorola DDN7505
Motorola HKNN4004
Motorola HKNN4004A
Sager ME202BB
Samsung SSB650ELS
Sony A-1215-766-A
Sony LIP967

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