Custom Solutions

New Product Design & Manufacture

Due to our, both, individual and combined experience between our amazing R&D team and the vast amount of consultation resources available to us, we can assure you the best quality, most appropriate power solution and the highest quality products. we specialise in the development of Smart Battery Systems (used in most lithium products) and are at an expert level with i2C, SMBUS, RS232, RS485 and multiple other communication formats that enable you to have a highly extensive summary on your power solution’s health, longevity, and an early indication of impending failure.

We work hard to be sustainable, work to only the highest standards and will only provide products you can count on. With a wide range of power solutions and Australian made high quality battery product’s made through our high quality Australian Manufacturers & suppliers, we know we have the solution for you!

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Custom "One Off" Solutions

We provide products and services to suit ‘one off’ or low quantity specialty builds. we can design, manufacture and supply a specific or custom product to suit your unique application, just ask our team and we will work diligently to find or build your most appropriate solution.

Should you require a ‘Made To Application’ solution, we know we can provide just that for you, a reliable solution, one that you can count on, All while working within your budgetary requirements.

If this is a service you are looking for please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to help.

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