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MI Battery Experts LCB708 Laptop battery suitable for Samsung ATIV Book 9, NP900X3 series

MI Battery Experts LCB708 Laptop battery suitable for Samsung ATIV Book 9, NP900X3 series

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Information on Replacement Batteries & Chargers

Information on Replacement Batteries

All Master Instruments (MI Battery Experts) replacement batteries/chargers are produced using the most premium quality cells and components available. Directives on Quality Assurance given to manufacturing often result in battery specifications being superior to the original equipment battery. The battery cross-reference information on this site is to be used as a guide only. Master Instruments has relied on information from OEM's, distributors and end users with the utmost diligence and care possible.


Shipping restrictions


Due to IATA and individual airline regulations, this item may only be shipped by surface (road/sea) freight.

NON DG UN3480 LITHIUM ION BATTERIES - Contains cells/batteries exempted from ADG 7.7 & IMDG Code 2020 using Special Provision 188.

Product Details

Selling Unit EACH
Model No LCB708
Inventory Code 88000-1293
Original Brand Samsung
Description Laptop battery suitable for Samsung ATIV Book 9, NP900X3 series
Application Notebook & Laptop Computer
Chemistry Lithium Ion Polymer (LiPo)
Voltage 7.4V
Watt Hour 43.3Wh
Nominal Capacity 5.85Ah
Width 95mm
Height 13.96mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 266mm
Weight 226g




Suitable For:

Samsung 900X3B-A74
Samsung 900X3C
Samsung 900X3C-A01
Samsung 900X3C-A01AU
Samsung 900X3C-A02
Samsung 900X3C-A02DE
Samsung 900X3C-A04
Samsung 900X3C-A04DE
Samsung 900X3E-K01US
Samsung 900X3F-K01
Samsung 900X4D-A01
Samsung ATIV BOOK 9 900X3F NP-900X3F
Samsung ATIV BOOK 9 NP 900X3G NP-900X3G
Samsung ATIV Book 9
Samsung NP900X3B
Samsung NP900X3B-A01
Samsung NP900X3B-A01CA
Samsung NP900X3B-A01US
Samsung NP900X3B-A02
Samsung NP900X3B-A02US
Samsung NP900X3B-A03
Samsung NP900X3B-A03US
Samsung NP900X3B-A74
Samsung NP900X3B-AD1
Samsung NP900X3C
Samsung NP900X3C-A01
Samsung NP900X3C-A01AU
Samsung NP900X3C-A01BE
Samsung NP900X3C-A01CA
Samsung NP900X3C-A01CH
Samsung NP900X3C-A01CN
Samsung NP900X3C-A01FR
Samsung NP900X3C-A01IT
Samsung NP900X3C-A01MX
Samsung NP900X3C-A01NL
Samsung NP900X3C-A01PL
Samsung NP900X3C-A01SE
Samsung NP900X3C-A01US
Samsung NP900X3C-A02
Samsung NP900X3C-A02AU
Samsung NP900X3C-A02BE
Samsung NP900X3C-A02CA
Samsung NP900X3C-A02CH
Samsung NP900X3C-A02DE
Samsung NP900X3C-A02IT
Samsung NP900X3C-A02MX
Samsung NP900X3C-A02PL
Samsung NP900X3C-A02UK
Samsung NP900X3C-A02US
Samsung NP900X3C-A03
Samsung NP900X3C-A03AU
Samsung NP900X3C-A03CA
Samsung NP900X3C-A03DE
Samsung NP900X3C-A03FR
Samsung NP900X3C-A03PL
Samsung NP900X3C-A03US
Samsung NP900X3C-A04
Samsung NP900X3C-A04BE
Samsung NP900X3C-A04DE
Samsung NP900X3C-A04FR
Samsung NP900X3C-A04PL
Samsung NP900X3C-A04US
Samsung NP900X3C-A05
Samsung NP900X3C-A05DE
Samsung NP900X3C-A05FR
Samsung NP900X3C-A05NL
Samsung NP900X3C-A05US
Samsung NP900X3C-A06
Samsung NP900X3C-A06AU
Samsung NP900X3C-A06DE
Samsung NP900X3C-A06NL
Samsung NP900X3C-A07
Samsung NP900X3C-A07DE
Samsung NP900X3C-A08
Samsung NP900X3C-A08DE
Samsung NP900X3C-AB1
Samsung NP900X3C-AB1AU
Samsung NP900X3C-AB2
Samsung NP900X3C-AB2AU
Samsung NP900X3C-B01
Samsung NP900X3C-MS1
Samsung NP900X3C-MS1DE
Samsung NP900X3D
Samsung NP900X3D-A01
Samsung NP900X3D-A01AU
Samsung NP900X3D-A01CH
Samsung NP900X3D-A01CN
Samsung NP900X3D-A01DE
Samsung NP900X3D-A01FR
Samsung NP900X3D-A01IT
Samsung NP900X3D-A01MX
Samsung NP900X3D-A01PL
Samsung NP900X3D-A01UK
Samsung NP900X3D-A01US
Samsung NP900X3D-A01ZA
Samsung NP900X3D-A02
Samsung NP900X3D-A02CH
Samsung NP900X3D-A02DE
Samsung NP900X3D-A02US
Samsung NP900X3D-A03
Samsung NP900X3D-A03CA
Samsung NP900X3D-A03CH
Samsung NP900X3D-A03DE
Samsung NP900X3D-A03FR
Samsung NP900X3D-A03IT
Samsung NP900X3D-A03PH
Samsung NP900X3D-A03PL
Samsung NP900X3D-A03US
Samsung NP900X3D-A04
Samsung NP900X3D-A04CH
Samsung NP900X3D-A04FR
Samsung NP900X3D-A04US
Samsung NP900X3D-A05
Samsung NP900X3D-A05CN
Samsung NP900X3D-A05ES
Samsung NP900X3D-A05FR
Samsung NP900X3D-A05HK
Samsung NP900X3D-A05US
Samsung NP900X3D-AD1
Samsung NP900X3D-BB1
Samsung NP900X3E
Samsung NP900X3E-A01
Samsung NP900X3E-A01AU
Samsung NP900X3E-A01CH
Samsung NP900X3E-A01DE
Samsung NP900X3E-A01FR
Samsung NP900X3E-A01IT
Samsung NP900X3E-A01MX
Samsung NP900X3E-A01NL
Samsung NP900X3E-A01PL
Samsung NP900X3E-A01US
Samsung NP900X3E-A02
Samsung NP900X3E-A02CA
Samsung NP900X3E-A02CH
Samsung NP900X3E-A02DE
Samsung NP900X3E-A02FR
Samsung NP900X3E-A02IT
Samsung NP900X3E-A02MX
Samsung NP900X3E-A02NL
Samsung NP900X3E-A02PL
Samsung NP900X3E-A02US
Samsung NP900X3E-A03
Samsung NP900X3E-A03BE
Samsung NP900X3E-A03DE
Samsung NP900X3E-A03US
Samsung NP900X3E-A04
Samsung NP900X3E-A04US
Samsung NP900X3E-A05
Samsung NP900X3E-A05DE
Samsung NP900X3E-A05US
Samsung NP900X3E-A06
Samsung NP900X3E-A06DE
Samsung NP900X3E-K01
Samsung NP900X3E-K01AU
Samsung NP900X3E-K01CA
Samsung NP900X3E-K01DE
Samsung NP900X3E-K01US
Samsung NP900X3E-K02
Samsung NP900X3E-K02DE
Samsung NP900X3E-K03
Samsung NP900X3E-K03DE
Samsung NP900X3E-K06
Samsung NP900X3E-K06DE
Samsung NP900X3F
Samsung NP900X3F-EG1CN
Samsung NP900X3F-G01
Samsung NP900X3F-G01DE
Samsung NP900X3F-G01UK
Samsung NP900X3F-K01
Samsung NP900X3F-K01AU
Samsung NP900X3F-K01BE
Samsung NP900X3F-K01CA
Samsung NP900X3F-K01CN
Samsung NP900X3F-K01DE
Samsung NP900X3F-K01GR
Samsung NP900X3F-K01HK
Samsung NP900X3F-K01ID
Samsung NP900X3F-K01PH
Samsung NP900X3F-K01US
Samsung NP900X3F-K02
Samsung NP900X3F-K03
Samsung NP900X3F-KD1
Samsung NP900X3G
Samsung NP900X3G-K01
Samsung NP900X3G-K01CA
Samsung NP900X3G-K02
Samsung NP900X3G-K02CA
Samsung NT900X3B-A74
Samsung SERIES 9 NP-900X3B
Samsung SERIES 9 NP-900X3C
Samsung SERIES 9 NP-900X3D
Samsung SERIES 9 NP-900X3E

Compatible With:

Samsung AA-PBXN4AR
Samsung AA-PLXN4AR
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